TRAVELforGOOD (Switzerland)

Responsible Travel means travelling for good

TRAVELforGOOD (Switzerland)

TravelforGood, curates thoughtfully planned trips for family offices, institutions, corporates and companies, connecting them to identified social projects in India. Aside from philanthropic visits, we offer a deep dive into Indian society, it’s traditions and cultures, while providing insights into some of India’s finest locations.

Why do we include the social good?
TravelforGood means to travel responsibly. As a social enterprise, we believe that the social good should be an important element of our travel. Thus, we enable travellers to proactively make responsible choices towards the people of the country, the city, the village, the community, that they choose to visit. Travel should leave a positive impact both economically as well as environmentally, while simultaneously shaping social and cultural influences for the traveller. This is why TravelforGood may suggest to add a visit to a social project as part of your overall itinerary. 

Before a social project is presented or added to your personalised travel plan, it goes through a series of checks and balances at our end. The process includes personal visits on the ground, as well as monitoring and conducting of due dligence.  As this is your trip, the final choice, to either, visit one of our ongoing projects or plan a trip around a project that may be more suited to you, your family's or company's vision, rests on you. Based on the project selected, TravelforGood would act as your partner in travel, to build sustainable and enduring philanthropic relationships for the future. 

Why India?
Our Founder has been actively engaged in philanthropic work in India, for over two decades, and since our core understanding of India is more aligned to our vision of travelling for good, we have opted to work specifically within India, to create the largest impact. 

Understanding the sophisticated sensibilities of today's traveller, each TravelforGood trip offers an authentic and well-rounded experience to gain a better understanding of India, it's people and its vibrant culture.

Every single TravelforGood trip is personalised to your requirement. That is why each TravelforGood is uniquely different. While Philanthropic visits may offer just one element of the full experience, we would also like to create social and cultural impact. Thus, our trips can include interactions with businesses and Indian families, fine dining & local eat-outs, sightseeing and well-being, bespoke cultural activities, and naturally, access to the finest of hotels and locations.

Smita Suchde Gruetter, Founder TfG, is a philanthropic advisor for India-specific social projects and a serial entrepreneur in the fields of textiles, fashion, lifestyle and events. As  an ardent believer in the power of travel to educate, inform and change perceptions, she would like travellers to see first-hand the impact of their travel on the ground. Thus was born, TravelforGood (Switzerland), a bridge between her belief that travel should be for the good of the community and society and her philanthropic activities. 

With a background in Economics, Political Science, Law (India), Fashion (NYC) and a management degree from IMD, (Lausanne), Smita’s professional and personal experiences, both in India, where she grew up and Switzerland, where she now lives, reflects in her structured, collaborative and impact-oriented approach to organising responsible travel.

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